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Athabasca University

Mark A. McCutcheon

Professor, Literary Studies



  • B.A. English (University of Guelph)
  • M.A. English and McLuhan Program (University of Toronto)
  • Ph.D. Literary and Theatre Studies (University of Guelph)


Mark A. McCutcheon, Ph.D., is Professor of Literary Studies with Athabasca University's Centre for Humanities and the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program. He teaches ENGL 303, ENGL 304, and ENGL 431, as well as LTST 612 and MAIS 606 for MA-IS; he also coordinates ENGL 373, MUSI 267, MUSI 412, and MUSI 423. (Other courses, on subjects like digital literature and the 19th-century novel, are in development.)

Mark's research interests encompass Canadian popular culture and literature, postcolonial studies, copyright, adaptation studies, popular music, and Romantic literature. His criticism and reviews appear in The Explicator, English Studies in Canada, TOPIA, and Extrapolation, among other scholarly journals and books. His scholarly book on Canadian adaptations of Frankenstein is forthcoming from Athabasca U Press in 2018.

Mark also writes literary work: his poems are published or forthcoming in literary magazines like On Spec, EVENT, Milkweed Zine, and Existere; and he has published short stories in Carousel and subTerrain.

Recent Research Publications

McCutcheon, Mark A. “A Close Reading of Part 5 of Robert Kroetsch’s 1977 Long Poem Seed Catalogue.” The Explicator, vol. 75, no. 2, 2017, pp. 118-20.

---. “Stephen Harper as killer robot.” English Studies in Canada, vol. 42, no. 1-2, 2016, pp. 175-201.

--- and Bob Barnetson. “Resistance is Futile: On the Under-Representation of Unions in Science Fiction.” TOPIA, no. 36, 2016, pp. 151-71.

Recent Creative Work

McCutcheon, Mark A. “Heaven help the roses.” 2017 Poetry Contest Winners. Into the Void Magazine, 21 Jan. 2018.

---. “Jumpcuteye.” Unbroken, no. 16, Jan. 2018.

---. “Voyager 2, thinking, types things.” concīs, Winter 2017.

---. “The leaf is not the line.” Riddle Fence, no. 28, 2017, pp. 22-23.

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